What does electric fencing cost per meter?

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Question : What does electric fencing cost per meter?

Answer: While it is difficult to price electric fencing per meter , we can narrow the price down to an average cost per running meter for the average domestic electric fence instalation. Domestic/ residential electric fences  installations are usually 6 line as it is high enough to be effective for security and still be  architecturally and visually pleasing.

6 line Electric fencing will cost between R140,00 to R200,00 per running meter, installed,  depending on various factors and excluding the energiser.

Neat 6 line electric fence installed in white.

The energiser , which includes the siren, back up battery,  lightning arrestors / diverters, conduit work , HT cables , connections , terminations,  warning signs earth spikes and coc compliance certificate to accompany your electric fence installation will cost around R3800,00.

Nemtek 3j LCD energiser installed with siren and lightning diverters.

Combining the rate per meter with the energiser cost will give you a rough indication of what the average electric fence should cost in Cape Town.

EFI remains one of the most competitively priced installers in Cape Town and will more often than not,  provide the best rates in town.

For a budget price on your electric fencing,  you may send us your contact details and address and it may be possible for us to measure your property via satellite image.
Alternatively,  we are glad to come out and assess your property and provide a formal quotation.