Fencing in Cape Town Repairs and Maintenance

When it comes to fencing in Cape Town repairs and maintenance, one should make his decisions very wisely as electrical fences are a costly investment and their proper care and maintenance are vital to avert any major financial loss. To ensure a dependable and safe electric fence, we suggest you to follow the helpful tips provided below:

Keep a Voltage Tester

Always keep a voltage tester to check your fence lines every few days. This will help you find potential defects before the animals or intruders find them.

Use Purpose Built Wires

For any fencing in Cape Town repairs and maintenance, only use fencing lead-out cables to connect your energizers to your fence liens. Regular domestic or commercial cables can’t handle such high voltages so they are less likely to work.

Install Earth Stakes Carefully

When repairing, you need to place the earth stakes at a minimum of 10 meters away from any sort of buried telephone lines, mains earth lines or water pipes. Installing the earth stakes near these things might cause them to pick up the current and deliver it to the taps or water tanks and may cause interference with phone lines.

Use High-Quality Insulators

Replace your damaged insulators only with high-quality insulators as well as connectors. Poor-quality, cracked or makeshift insulators (like water hoses) decreased the performance of your fence system and may cause it to fail outright, especially if you are using high power energizers.

Snow Damage

Electrical fences can be easily affected by snow. So make sure that your lines are not broken by heavy dumps of snow and ensure that they remain clear. Also, the animals or the intruders will not be strongly earthed if they stand on the snow which means if they touch the fence, they won’t get a strong enough zap of current. So it is important to clear the snow from the ground around the fence lines.

Battery Care

When temperatures drop, the battery’s efficiency also drops. So it is important to place your batteries on a wooden base and cover it with some sort of bucket box in order to protect it from frost and snow. Batteries covered with ice or water can easily short out so keep them clean. Also, never leave the battery sitting on your concrete floors in-between charges as this drains its power.

Keep The Fence Wire Tensioned

When talking about fencing in Cape Town repairs and maintenance, it is vital to ensure that the fence is well tensioned. In areas where wind flow is high, the tape, polywire or wire can easily rub with the insulator and might create a short especially in the rainy weather. This will drain your battery’s power and make the whole system inefficient. So keep the wires tensioned enough.

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