The best way to keep a check on everything is to keep an eye on them! From families to businesses EFI brings you an array of avant –grade products with amazing possibilities to choose from.

Feel safe and eliminate an intrusion with the best in electric fences. EFI offers products that come with a well-engineered design and offer a programmable protective niche to suit customer needs.

Stay connected always with an innovative line of highly unique intercom devices by EFI. You will have technology at the tip of your fingers.

Get a grip on things sans the worry about checking up on devices. The unique automation brought with each device comes with the unique ability to be controlled automatically

Get a grip on things without a fuss. The alarm systems will offer each user the unique ability to ensure everything is in order and done on time.

With EFI access control is recognized as a key element of security to all and sundry. Top notch devices that will ensure access control to keep you safe and secure.


Electric fencing has proven itself to be a highly effective deterrent against criminals by not only providing a physical security.

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