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The 6 Top Reasons You Need CCTV Cameras at Home

By October 14, 2019 No Comments

CCTV camera systems play a big role in deterring, apprehending and prosecuting criminals in South Africa. While having a CCTV system may not always stop criminals, it certainly helps deter, and in some instances, prosecute and convict criminals.

While CCTV surveillance systems were once reserved for businesses and very wealthy residential homes or apartments, this is no longer the case. They are now affordable enough for just about every South African homeowner to purchase.

There are now many DIY CCTV systems available on the market in which homeowners can easily install themselves. Many of these systems can be accessed from a computer or smartphone. This allows you to look after your children, monitor your property and check in on staff from just about anywhere. Although it’s always better to get a professional company like EFI to install them for you so you know it’s done properly.

In terms of safety and security for your family and property, a CCTV system is a worthwhile investment. While having a four or five-channel CCTV system at home may seem drastic and even paranoid here are 6 top reasons for you to set one up in your home, once and for all.

To Monitor and Protect Children
Whether your children are in primary school or university – if you have children who spend time at home it is worth your while to install a CCTV system. This is because children are seen as easy targets and are very often followed from school or friend’s houses and then forced to provide entry into the home. Older children who typically go in and out more frequently than adults and small children also have a greater risk of being robbed or attacked while entering or exiting the home.

To Lower the Chances of a Home Invasion
There are countless South African home invasion and violent crime experts who agree that visible CCTV systems – whether real or not, monitored by a security company or not, can serve to reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted for a home invasion. The mere fact that there is an extra layer of security often makes these criminals move along in search of an easier target.

You can Stop Crime Before it Happens
If you or a family member regularly review your CCTV camera footage you could very likely spot a crime in the making and prevent it from happening altogether. Simply by spotting a strange vehicle parked in front of your house on multiple occasions, and reporting them to your security company, could deter these criminals from targeting you since they will become aware that there actually is someone watching. If you have a security company monitoring your CCTV footage this will also ensure optimum safety for you and your family and they could very easily stop a crime from happening.

To Help Authorities Catch Criminals
While we are not here to debate the effectiveness of law enforcement or declare that having CCTV footage of a crime will lead to a positive arrest in all cases – it certainly does increase the chances. If your home has been burglarized or you have been the victim of a home invasion any CCTV footage you may have can be used to catch, arrest and prosecute criminals.

Insurance and General Safety
While a police report or affidavit made at a police station is usually more than enough to have your insurance claim processed and approved, having CCTV footage of theft or damage being perpetrated will only help further your position. In addition, being able to remotely log in to your CCTV footage to check in on your children, pets or property will do nothing but help increase general home safety and security.

Monitor Staff and Contractors
Having a CCTV system at home allows you to monitor staff, including domestic workers and gardeners among others, as well as keep an eye on any contractors. This includes plumbers, electricians, and workers fixing roofs, painters and telephone or internet service providers who do occasional work.

While you always need a pair of eyes on the ground – it is always possible for you or someone employed by you to miss something only to realise later that a specific item is gone or something has been damaged. In such a case you can use CCTV footage to prove wrongdoing and to allow a company to identify its own employees.

Have you installed a CCTV system in your home? Caught any criminals in the act on CCTV? Let us know about it in the comments section below!