Electric Fence

Electric fencing – a unique norm in Cape Town, South Africa .

By April 2, 2019 No Comments

There are many things that make South Africa unique. Our unique culture , location, our natural beauty and rich oceans and wildlife. One unique aspect however that makes Cape Town very unique is the high levels of crime. This is not a positive unique quality, however , the level of home invasion crime is quite unique.So much so that many visitors to our shores are “shocked” at the prevalent number of homes in Cape Town fitted with wall top electric fence installations. 
On a quest to find out more about the electrified fencing industry and keep up with international standards in the ”  international electric fence market” , we investigated the international security scene, visiting various security conventions and conferences in China, Guangzhou , Europe and Asia.
 This is when we realised just how unique the security electric fencing industry was to South Africa . Electric fencing has been around for ages , however, mainly as a farming and agricultural aid to keep livestock rather than home security electric fencing. They did not generally have the alarm capabilities and monitoring  capabilities and functionality that have been uniquely designed into our security electric fencing systems so prevalent in Cape Town and South Africa today. 
Our electric fencing systems have even evolved to included back up batteries for emergency power to keep our electric fence systems live during load shedding and Eskom power failures with too are so common  and uniquely South African. Our legislations on the matter of electric fencing too is unique . 
This made us realise that on our quest to seek higher standards in electric fencing and associated technology , we need look no further than our own home as we are the pioneers of this type of home security . In this aspect, South Africa is the definitive expert in this unique market segment .