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Wall top Electric fencing brackets. Straight or angled?

By November 9, 2018 No Comments

Our clients always ask us, “Which electric fencing brackets does EFI use?”


The more pertinent question is, ‘What electric fence brackets are actually required for your wall?!


The type of bracket required for an effective electric fencing installation is actually determined by the type of wall that it is being installed on and not actually a matter of preference.  Clients tend to be of the opinion that angled electric fence brackets offer a higher degree of security than their straight counterparts, however in some cases, this may not be true.  The logic behind using angled brackets is that when installing correctly,  they prevent intruders from walking on your walls as well as being able to climb them. Therefore, angled brackets should only be used on side walls, 9-inch walls, and solid brick or block walls with a top surface area.


When installing electric fencing upon vibracrete walls, thin single skin walls and fencing such as BETAFENCE, ClearVU, palisade and mesh wire fencing, then the use of the straight bar electric fence brackets should be employed as there is no top surface area on which to walk .

The only choice then left for the client’s consideration should be the color choice.